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The most important part of any home is the people within it. At Smart Living we build more than just living space. We build the foundation of unity, fellowship and family. Smart Living structures are Eco-friendly and Green efficient.


Using innovation and the latest construction technology. We build low maintenance, durable structures that have limited dependency on traditional power sources through the use of Solar, Geo-Thermo and other alternative energy sources.


• Choices of up to 38,016 SF of private area
• Customize-able living and common areas
• Indoor storage space
• Green energy efficient utilities
• Standard elevator
• Smart home technology features
• Handicap accessible



Welcome to Smart Living

Smart Living offers a modern day villa experience that includes a unique blend of efficiency, technology and style. Along with many customize-able features and amenities, we offer a modern day living solution that provides the convenience of technology and the comfort and convenience of home.


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38 Garrett St. Warrenton, Virginia 20186